You have built hundreds of homes in your area.  You turn in your latest set of plans for permit, and you get the red stamp of doom, “DENIED.”  At first you panic, then you get mad, and finally you decide to do some research.  You want to learn all you can about REScheck and how it helps builders, designers, inspectors, homeowners, and subcontractors build properly insulated homes for their building code and climate zone.

The best thing to do if your building department has adopted a REScheck requirement is to go ahead and learn it.  It is not going away.  As a matter of fact, we at currently see legislation moving nationwide that will show a 532% uptick in counties that require a REScheck energy report in 2016.  Getting mad at your building inspector will not help.  He is only doing his job.  Being a pain in the neck will only make your project more difficult down the road, trust me.

Some people do not have time to learn a new software and reporting system.  That is why we designed our service around the customer at  For builders and homeowners we can handle all your REScheck reporting needs.  Larger scale builders we can come and train your staff in the correct way to do REScheck report according to your local jurisdiction.  We will even stop by your building inspector’s office and establish best practices with him before conducting your training.  If you are a building inspector or building department manager we have a special program to review your REScheck reports for you.  For a fraction of what it costs someone to audit the REScheck reports, we do this for you instantly.

The best thing you can do when building a new home, is try to insulate it as much as you possibly can.  A power bill is something that will come out of your account every month for the rest of your life.  It is like a reverse retirement account.  Why not try to make this draw on your savings as small as possible?  The only way to do this is to install the proper amount of insulation into your home.  We know how to do this.  We will review your plans for only $79, even if your jurisdiction does not require the report.  We see many homeowners having a REScheck created on their construction for piece of mind.  Real estate agents are using them to sell existing homes, and contractors use RESchecks as marketing tools to sell their spec homes.

If you picked up your local paper this morning and it reads “REScheck reporting now required on all new construction,” you are not alone.  REScheck is the trend in new construction.  It has many benefits for all interested parties.  At we designed a personal, custom, and friendly service that takes the guess work out of an energy audit.  If you do not have the time, will power, or expertise to learn REScheck Energy Audits we would love to help you weather the changing REScheck laws in the United States.

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