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Are You Serious?


If the company you interviewed qualified according to the questions above, and you want to move to the front of their priority list you made a good start by reading this blog.  Here are some basic questions you can ask your prospective green home companies and watch the attention for your project grow.



Can I see a proposal and purchase agreement for the materials needed for this floor plan?



If I made a down payment today when can you have my materials ready for delivery and installation?


At what times during the project will you personally visit my site?


I have my plans, budget, and land in hand.  What would be my next step with your company?


What others questions can you think of?  Write them below:




















Chapter 28


Life after the proposal


So at this point you have chosen your proposal, and you know which company you will do business with.  It is now time to enter into a contractual agreement.  Try to negotiate a 10% to 25% down payment on materials.  Then 50% of the package price will be due to secure your delivery date. 

A lower down payment is not always better because it inflates the size of your progress payments.  This can make your next payment much more daunting.  Final payments are typically due upon delivery, but may be negotiable.  Do not be afraid to ask if a larger down payment of 50% to 75% could garner a significant discount.  If I do your negotiating I will ask questions like this. 

 Construction material suppliers are unique because they incur 100% of the project’s material expenses before they deliver the construction materials.  Cash is always king in the home building industry.  A great way to secure some additional savings is to beef up your down payment.

Most green home material suppliers have seen hundreds of client’s walk away from 5% or 10% down payments.  Then they are left with the materials on their shop floor.  You will ease the supplier’s mind by guaranteeing your project will ship by placing a larger down payment.  This allows you to reduce their risk of order cancellation and therefore should decrease the overall cost of your green home package. 

You have your proposal settled and you have chosen the company you will do business with.  If you are comfortable with your investigation then go ahead and turn in the paperwork and initial payment.  If you want one last boost of confidence I can review it for you.  If not, pull the trigger, you have done enough research on your own.  It is now time to move forward.










































$79 any plan, any state, 24 hour delivery or it's free