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Brittany Pyne reviewed REScheck.info5 star

Pleasant Grove, Utah

Wow! We are so impressed with the fast response and professional results. This was absolutely the best option to have our Res Check and Manual J done, and we will recommend Jobe to anyone needing these services. It’s also reassuring that if changes are needed they will be done without charge. Thank you so much for saving us hours of headaches and hundreds of dollars!

Brittney Pyne


Rick Buehler reviewed REScheck.info5 star

Columbus, Ohio

Thanks for all your help on this one Jobe—-I arrived @ Licking Co. @ 9:00 am and left @ 9:27am with a permit in hand—–

enough said—-Thank you for your work.

Rick Bueler

Residential Traditions

Andy McClung reviewed REScheck.info5 star

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Absolutely the best ResCheck service out there. The turn around was quick and the report was excellent. I would use this service again in a heartbeat!

Andy McClung

President of Christian Camp Pro, Bowling Green Kentucky

Katherine Henz reviewed REScheck.info5 star

Short Hills, New Jersey

I ordered a Rescheck and Manual J from Rescheck info at around noon. Not only was it 1/3 of the price of what I found elsewhere, but they also returned it to me the same day. Would you believe I was standing in line at the building department the same day and hand my building permit in hand by 5:00 pm?!?! Furthermore, my building inspector said it was the most detailed and in depth Rescheck and Manual J he had ever seen. Now I may only build one house in a lifetime, but the customer service, speed, and attention to detail Rescheck info showed me on my project left a lasting impression about how a company should handle their customers and orders. Thank you Rescheck. You did a great job

Kathernine Henz

Self Employed

Alexander Gray reviewed REScheck.info5 star

San Jose, California

I bought a Rescheck on Rescheck . info and was amazed when they got back to me that day. The customer service was great to deal with.

Jobe was so intuitive throughout the entire design process. He even offered free lifetime modifications if I want to change something (I’m thinking of adding another window, so it was greatly appreciated).

I’m very happy with the service provided by Rescheck(.info). Easiest construction project so far!

Alexander Gray


Adam Lau reviewed REScheck.info5 star

Fairfield, Connecticut

Fast, affordable, and easily available to answer all your questions. Could not be happier with the level of service and attention to detail.

Adam Lau

Homeowner, Fairfield Connecticut

Jazmin Halie reviewed REScheck.info5 star

Oakland, California

I used for my Rescheck and they did a fantastic job. They returned it in 3 hours and it my building inspector passed it quickly. These guys are a fantastic resource.

Jazmine Halie

Mission Worker

Philip Gaske reviewed REScheck.info5 star
Bethany Beach, Delaware
Wow that was fast.
I have had two reschecks prepared by Jobe over the past 6 months and both were turned around accurately within a few hours of my request.  Updates and changes needed later in the processes, due to building design changes, have been handled immediately.  I would highly recommend his service for quality, speed and value!  He stands behind his work.
Philip Gaske

Builder, Bethany Beach Delaware

Jennifer L Hines reviewed REScheck.info5 star
Greenville, North Carolina

My building department rejected my building permit because I did not include a Rescheck report with my initial submission. I had the excavators scheduled to begin that same day so I was in a real pickle. I found Jobe Leonard from Rescheck. info on Google and he was very understanding and caring. He moved my project to the front of the line so that I would not waste hundreds of dollars per hour on my on site crew. He even returned the Rescheck to me in less than 4 hours before lunch time for only $79. Pretty amazing what Rescheck. info is doing with the Rescheck process just wanted to express my gratitude.

Jennifer Hines


 Ryan P Spreen reviewed — 5 star

I never knew what a ResCheck was until the NJ construction official said I needed one. He said ” It’s on the internet, google it..” Luckily I found Jobe after researching a few others. He picked up the phone right away and took the time to explain to me what it actually is and answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable after our talk and I submitted the drawings/info. Same day turnaround – perfect report and I’m ready to start the work on my home. I’d give him 6 stars if there was such a thing.

Ryan P Spreen

Business Owner, Lambertville New Jersey

Ashley Tharma reviewed REScheck.info5 star
New York, New York

This is an awesome Rescheck service. I sent in my plans and had my reshceck back the same day. Kuddos to whoever came up with this program. It really made my construction project easier.

Ashley Tharma


Lydia Lindsey Fitzgerald reviewed

Houston, Texas

Fast, professional service! Highly recommend this service to anyone needing IECC reports for building!

Lydia Lindsey Fitzgerald

Jane Szat reviewed REScheck.info5 star

Atlanta, Georgia

I must say this has been the only thing about the building process that has gone smoothly! What a refreshing surprise!

Jane Szat


After getting the run around with the different subs, we were helpless as to how to complete the ResCheck.  This is not an area of strength for us and would have spent, rather wasted, hours trying to do it ourselves and probably cause for more work down the road.  Luckily we found this website and within hours had our ResCheck completed for a price well below what the Architect or subs would have charged.  Will be referring this service to others!

Matt Christensen

Home Owner, Salt Lake City Utah

Sent Jobe at rescheck my plans and had the report in my hand same day. Cool concept.

Bill Sanderson


Great service. Fast. Affordable. My representative was very in tune with my new construction project.

David Reed

Home Builder

Great service. Very personal touch to construction RESchecks.

John Gister


Jobe is amazing to work with. Responsive and attentive. I can’t be happier with the service he provides me… and at an INCREDIBLE PRICE. I shopped around for a quality REScheck company and Jobe’s service and value CANNOT BE BEAT. I’m so, so happy to have found him. I am looking forward to many more transactions with Jobe and his company.

Brooke Geiger

Insulation Specialist, Central Iowa Insulation Rebates

I was paying over $200 for my reschecks from another site. These guys gave me a better report for a fraction of the cost, and were very personal with their customer service.

Pam Fuyk

Interior Designer

Very fast and accurate. I wish my tile and drywall guys were this good.

John Zerbiak

General Contractor

Jobe is great, did an awesome job! Highly recommended. You never know if these things will be a pain, let these guys take care if you, super responsive, done in hours!
West Village GC
General Contractor NYC

West Village New York General Contractor

General Contractor

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