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One of the most important changes in Rescheck software has taken place.  The DOE and Energy.gov has added support for the new IECC 2018 into Rescheck softwares.  This means Rescheck Desktop and Rescheck Web can now handle the most complex blueprints using the newest IECC 2018 codes.  If you need a Rescheck this means your Rescheck will now be up to date.  If you are a Rescheck creator or service provider like many of Reschexpert Blog readers then you now need to update your Rescheck Desktop Software to Version  You can watch a short video here to see the procedure.  Watch Here.

In addition to the increased functionality of the IECC 2018 there are plenty of other awesome new features.  We quickly set up the new program on all of our units and noticed that it has more prompts to let you know you are entering data correctly and intuitive error messaging to help you work through road blocks.  In addition to this the feel of the program is much better than the previous version.  After running dozens of plans in the past 24 hours to get a feel for the differences we think the DOE and Energy.gov have just released one of the most innovative versions of Rescheck software yet.

One thing  you might consider is that no jurisdiction that we have surveyed is actually using the IECC 2018 yet.  However, this does not mean you should write it off.  I suspect communities that are still on IECC 2009 or older codes will slowly begin adopting this newer more thoughtful code as we progress into the next few years.  The most important first step was Energy.gov and the DOE and the functionality inside Rescheck Desktop and Rescheck Web software and that has now taken place.

Rescheck Desktop Download 4.7.1 Missing Many Codes

Overall we are really excited to start work with the new Rescheck array of softwares.  We will be stringently reviewing the ins and outs of this new version and sending error reports to the DOE to help guide them through any glitches that may be present.  In the meantime we will keep you up to date on all the latest energy code news as it pertains to Reschecks, Manual J Heat Loss, Manual S, and green homes.  Thank you for reading the Reschexpert Blog.

Here is your link to download latest Rescheck Desktop Software.  Download Here

Download the Department of Energy’s Rescheck Desktop here.  Rescheck Desktop Download.

Here is quick link to the Department of Energy’s Rescheck Web Rescheck Creation Page

To order your Rescheck you can visit this link.  Order a Rescheck Energy Report here.


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DOE Adds Support for IECC 2018 in Rescheck Web and Desktop
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DOE Adds Support for IECC 2018 in Rescheck Web and Desktop
DOE Adds Support for IECC 2018 in Rescheck Web and Desktop
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