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Chapter 14


Master Closet


Next we are going to place the Master Closet into your floor plan using similar reasoning.


For Example:


The plans Tom and Eva are using have master closets that are 4’x6’, 4’x8’, and 7’x8’.  Tom averages the short wall at (4’+4’+7’)/3= 5’.  Then he does a long wall average of (6’+8’+8’)/3= 7.33’ which rounds down to 7’.  Using short and long wall averages Tom computes a size of 5’x7’ for the closet walls. 

He reviews the plan analysis and lists the applicable positives and negatives.  He finds a common theme of disliking narrow, small, and cramped closets.  The 5’x7’ average is still a bit small, but they decide to see how the rest of the home lays out, and if they have any additional space they will use it there.  Tom passes the information over to Eva.  She then pencils the closet space onto the main floor plan.  The main floor plan with the master closet added can be seen on the next page.



At this point your team’s recorder will find the dimensions of the closets on your 3 favorite plans.  Then calculate the average size.  Also be sure to review positives and negatives pertaining to this often forgotten, but very important area of the home.  Give these details to your Designer and update your rapidly changing floor plan.

We will now refer to this area as the Master Suite.  This encompasses your Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and Master Closets.  This area is complete for now and we can move on to the next area of the home.  Before we do this, let’s go through and label each one of the rooms we have so far.  This way we do not confuse our spaces as we move forward.  Nice work so far on the design, let’s keep the positive momentum going.  After labeling your drawings, they should look like this.


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