Different types of Rescheck Foundations: Foundation Basement Slab Crawl Space

By Jobe Leonard.  Jobe likes all types of Rescheck foundations and how they relate to passing and failing Rescheck scores.

Jobe Leonard

Jobe Leonard




For the foundation page, if you have any finished area we will undertake the same exercises.  The most common basement rooms are man caves, wine cellars, laundry rooms, utility rooms, and storage areas.  Also there are many more uses that you may have already delegated your finished foundation space for. 

Just be sure to stick to your completion percentage from the blind budget worksheet.  The recorders should review information from the need assessment.  This will provide a percentage of the basement that will be fully finished.


For Example:


Tom’s worksheet showed that he would like to finish 75% of the basement and Eva wants to finish only 50%.  They agree to take an average and finish out 62.5% of the basement.  This will give them an additional 625 square feet to place their laundry room, utility room, storage closets, and a workshop.  The 37.5% area that will not be finished will be left open for now.

The plans they chose only show a utility room.  To keep the progress going Tom and Eva decide to place the utility room according to the average method.  They will then use the same size room to accommodate a laundry room, and a room that doubles as storage and a workshop. 

The room in their plans measures 12’x12’, 8’x25’, and 11’x12’.  The short wall averages (12’+8’+11’)/3= 10.33’ and rounds down to 10’.  The long wall average is (12’+25’+12’)/3 and averages 16.33’.  This averages down to 16’.  Therefore they will place 3 rooms in the foundation that are 10’x16’.



If you have any finished area in your foundation go ahead and create your rough layout.  Use the same process as we used for the main floor and do not utilize any of the area that you agreed not to use in the worksheet chapter of the blog.  After the home is complete, and you are under your budget, this may be an area to spend your emergency building budget.  As of right now it is strictly off limits for both design and additional rooms.

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Foundation Basement Slab Crawl Space
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