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Green Home Package Proposals



The proposal for your home is based upon the sketches we created in the design session of this blog.  After narrowing down your choices, send the plans you created off to the companies that passed our test.  You can e-mail, mail, fax, or make a visit to the supplier if distance allows.

Go ahead and ask the companies to give you a proposal with the maximum amount of materials and services they can provide for your project, in the style of your choice.  The materials, services, and costs will differ from each company.   Comparing these quotes will allow you to know the exact cost of certain items and where the major discrepancies may be.

After reviewing your plans most companies offer a 24-48 hour turn around on material and labor proposals.  Some can quote for you instantly using custom home estimating software on their computer.  Once you get all the proposals you need to compare them side by side.  It is time to analyze the timber sizes, house profiles, and timber treatments on an equal playing field.  See the example below of how I compare proposals, and then use the blank proposal comparison form to do your own.  You can print this form for free from www.Jobe.ws.












Green Home Proposal Analysis
Blue Prints                                  Yes    No
Usable Square Footage             ________
Rafter Size                                 ________
Post Size                                     ________
Wall Framing                          Yes      No
Wall Insulation  Yes  No     R-Value

Water/Well                             Yes        No


Septic/Sewer                          Yes       No

Wall insulation                        Yes       No
Caulking                                 Yes       No
Exterior paint                          Yes       No
Interior paint                           Yes       No
Siding                                     Yes       No
Hardware                                Yes       No
Porch System                         Yes       No
Note Timber Sizes for






Post Jacks                               Yes     No

Finish siding for Gable End      Yes    No
Roof Insulation   Yes  No    R-value? ____

Plywood for Gables                 Yes     No


Plywood for Roof                     Yes     No


Plywood for Shed Dormers      Yes    No


Plywood for Gable Dormers     Yes    No


Plywood for Porch Roof            Yes    No

Gable end framing lumber        Yes    No
Roofing Felt                               Yes   No
Felt Buttons                                Yes  No
Shingles or Metal                       Yes   No
Windows                                     Yes   No
Exterior Doors                             Yes    No
Interior Doors                              Yes    No


Electrical Materials                      Yes  No

Plumbing Materials                       Yes  No



Freight                                            Yes    No
Material Offloaded upon delivery    Yes    No

Other items:


Total Material Package Cost:


Sales Tax:


Total Material Cost:

Installation             Yes     No





If no, write the uninstalled items below.



If yes, write the installed items below.






Now take one of these forms and work through it for each proposal so you can see what each proposal contains and lacks.  You can print additional forms free of charge at my website www.Jobe.ws

It is very possible that some of the proposals contain items that you will not need.  For example if you wanted vinyl siding on your gable ends then you may not need the wood siding that several of the companies may have included.  If your green home companies have quoted unneeded items ask them to delete these materials from their package.  Then go through and complete the previous worksheet once more.


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