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Half Bathroom



A half bath is typically located on the same floor as the Master Suite to keep visitors from having to use a bathroom that is located in or near your Master bedroom.  We are going to place a half bath onto your floor plan.


For Example:


Tom and Eva have dimensions for main level baths in their plans of 8’x10’, 8’x10’, and 6’x7’.  The short wall works out to (8’+8’+6’)/3= 6.67’ which rounds up to 7’. The long wall calculation looks like (10’+10’+7’)/3= 9’.   Tom finds an average of 7’x9’ for their half bathroom.

He finds no comments about the half bath on their list of positives and negatives.  Eva draws these onto to their floor plan that is now taking shape.


See their updated sketches on the next blog post.



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