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Master Bedroom



After these layouts are created we are going to move on to the Master Bedroom.  The Recorder will dictate any “Positives” or “Negatives” that were discussed during the plan analysis.  These will relate to the master bedroom and be noted at the top of the page.  Then the dimensions of the Master Bedroom from the top three plans are noted as well.  Also indicate whether the Master should be drawn onto the Foundation, Main Floor, or Second Floor layout.  Typically it will be on the Main Floor.  By now you should know exactly which floor to put it on.  If not, review your need list, positives, and negatives. 



For Example:


In Tom and Eva’s case the dimensions are 12’x14’, 12’x17’, and 12’x15’.  Tom, acting as the Recorder then does a short wall average (12’+12’+12’)/3= 12’.  Next he does a long wall average (14’+17’+15’)/3= 15.33’ .  This rounds down to 15’.  Tom comes up with a room dimension of 12’x15’. 

According to their list of positives and negatives, they were both particularly happy with the Master Bedroom in Plan 4 so they agree to orient the Master Bedroom in a similar setting on the main floor.



See Tom & Eva’s example on the following page:






The Recorder on your team should now compile dimensions and create the wall length averages. Along with corresponding positives and negatives you listed.  Then the designer on your team will sketch the Master Bedroom’s dimension onto your plans without worrying about windows, doors, and furniture.  Just focus on the placement of the rough dimensions. 


















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