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Deciding to build a green home is an exciting leap from ordinary construction.  There are many considerations you must take into account for any project’s outcome to be successful.  A green home is no different.  In this blog I will display my decade of construction experience working with a worldwide leader in the log and timber home industry.  I will use this knowledge to show you the ins and outs of a green home construction project.


Deciding to build a green home is exactly like waking up in a foreign land and having to deal with new customs, languages, and cultures.  My plan is to take you on a similar journey through the world of the green home construction and guide you as you design, budget, and build the best project available.  You may have woken up today in a world that was filled with unfamiliar products and confusing verbiage.  By the end of this blog you will have the confidence to face your project head on.

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