It has happened to even the best thought out blueprint or plan.  You get the design complete, and your wife places the final touches on the kitchen layout and living room.  You hustle down to the local building department to pick up your new home plans only to find a big red stamp that says, “denied” on your permit.  You forgot a REScheck energy report on your plan, now what?

Luckily someone who has done thousands of REScheck reports for all types of structures set up a service that does seek to exploit you.  Other similar services priced at 3x, 4x, even 5x more offer far less than we do.  set up a service for our clients so that they can have reliable, affordable, professional REScheck energy audits created fast.  We offer all this without being fleeced by the high prices that other REScheck services charge. made their site user friendly so you can easily upload a plan for a free consultation.  If you aren’t happy with what you hear in your consultation, then you owe nothing.  We are glad to help you with advice and guidance at anytime.  If you want to proceed with your home energy audit REScheck will start working immediately.  We read blueprints quickly, accurately, and efficiently.  That is why we are the #1 choice for REScheck reports in the United States.

Contractors always choose because over the course of many houses they save thousands of dollars and weeks of time.  Other services exploit homeowners and builders alike by charging prices that should be illegal.  At we focus more on customer service and less on the total dollar amount.  We strive to have your report done quickly so that you can move on with your construction project.

Give a try for your REScheck energy report.  If you are not happy we will give you your money back.  This no risk REScheck report is custom to your plan, your land, your county, your inspector, and you.