I have personally built over a billion dollars worth of residential and commercial structures over the past decade.  One question I heard quite often was;  Do my blueprints need a REScheck energy report.  There really is no simple answer to this question, but I will try to provide you some insight to make your decision process easier.

One example, when building a new home is if your building department requires it.  If you try and build your new home without a REScheck energy report turned into the building inspector, then they will place a stop order on your project until the report is complete.  Luckily with today’s technology at REScheck.info, we can easily get you the report, and have your project back up and running in less than 24 hours.

The next example is if you are building a new home in a county or area that does not require a REScheck energy audit.  The obvious answer would be that your home would not require a REScheck Energy Audit.  However, it is always good to double check your plan, project, and builder.  What if the insulation planned for the roof system or walls was inadequate for your climate zone?  This could lead to a lifetime of paying higher energy bills on your home which would quickly add up to more than $79 and make the REScheck report a great idea.  In this instance the REScheck Energy Audit is not required.  For less than 80 bucks, it can give you a good look at the insulated envelope of your home and how it relates to the city, state, and climate zone you are building in.  One of the best services REScheck.info offers the No Pass, No Pay guarantee.  If you REScheck your plan with us, and it does not pass, we can give you free advice on how to make the structure more efficient.  This includes modifying your REScheck to these specifications for no additional charge.  Now you can build the home correctly.

The final question I hear every day is; Do I need a REScheck energy audit if I am buying existing construction.  Your real estate agent will say no, the existing homeowner will say no, but REScheck.info will offer you a resounding, YES!  What if for $79 you could determine how efficient the home you are about to buy might be?  We can identify trouble spots and help you get poorly insulated areas fixed before you go in to sign your closing papers.  For a low cost of $79 it is very easy to save hundreds of dollars per month over the life of the home.  That is a true value.

In conclusion, a REScheck is not required on every plan and every building department is yet to require them.  This does not mean that it is wise to undertake a construction project without one.  REScheck.info suggests at the very least that you upload our plans and contact us for a free consultation.  We are here to help you and we speak with people all over the United States each day who would have built an inadequate plan, if not for our service.