One of the most common questions that we hear at is:

“How is a $79 possible?”

The root of the question lies in the fact that people have been overcharged by architects, HVAC firms, and fake consultants for years. set out to level the playing field and provide a quality REScheck report for a fraction of the cost that the other guys charge.

How can afford to do these reports for such a low cost?  The answer is simple, volume.  We do more REScheck energy reports in one day than most REScheck services provide in an entire year.  Through this experience we have gained proficiency and relationships with building inspectors across the United States.  This allows us to scale the service and provide a 100% custom REScheck energy report for any plan, any state, and do it quickly and efficiently.

Although our guarantee states that we will provide any REScheck report in less than 24 hours, I must admit, this is a lie.  We will not actually complete most reports in 24 hours, in fact, we do them much faster.  Due to the fact that we have staff on stand by 24 hours a day we can print your plans, harvest details, and create your report at any time of day.  Our typical REScheck service is turned around to you, or your building department in about 4-6 hours depending on project load and staff availability.  Now that is a quality REScheck report quickly, efficiently, and for the lowest cost available anywhere.

Make no mistakes on your REScheck energy report.  Allow to handle exactly what they specialize in, custom REScheck reports.  We have followed and innovated the technology since it’s inception.  We continue to be at the forefront of REScheck reporting advancements wherever they happen.  If you have a REScheck report that is due soon, I urge you to upload your plan now.  You will not be disappointed with the personal service, custom suggestions, and quality REScheck service we provide.