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For many years different building codes confused everyone.  Each jurisdiction had a different standard.  This ultimately meant that consumers ended up with inconsistent products, and ultimately inferior insulation values for their homes.  The creation of REScheck reporting leveled the playing field for everyone in the game.

Builders, Inspectors, and the Consumer all benefit from the standard method of reporting an insulation envelope of a home.  Gone are the days of guess work as to how all the systems, insulation, windows, and doors work together.  With the REScheck it allows allows all interested parties to input different options to see how they affect a specific structure.  Also it takes into account specific codes and climate zones so a house that will built in Utah in climate zone 5 would ultimately need a different insulation envelope than the same home being built in Corpus Christi, Texas. has created templates, relationships, and experience with all 50 states in regards to their REScheck energy reporting.  We efficiently create the correct report for your project, code, and inspector.  Every project is different, and we go above and beyond on each REScheck energy report we create for our clients.  By offering the lowest price, highest quality, and fastest turn around we are working very hard to help the consumer get the best new home possible.  That is our mission.

Building inspectors demand to see a REScheck on most projects, because it saves them the trouble of inspecting each detail on the plan and compiles all your energy efficiency components into a easy to read checklist, report, and compliance calculation.  Even if your local building department does not require a REScheck I suggest that the $79 REScheck report we can make for you is a gesture of good will.  You should consider turning one in with your blueprints.  It shows you mean business, and you are building quality without compromise.  Finally, this REScheck can be kept  with your home’s title.  When you go to sell the home you will be able to remember and prove how efficient your home actually is.

Long after the last sheet of drywall has been hung the REScheck report proves that the windows, doors, walls, insulation, and many other factors were chosen with proper care when building your home.  This is why building inspectors like to use REScheck reporting.  In some areas it is the law, in other areas it makes the job of being a building inspector easier.  Anything you can do on your project to make the building inspector’s job easier will be rewarded.  One great way to do this, whether your jurisdiction requires a REScheck report, or not, is to provide a REScheck when you submit your plans.