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We receive over one hundred help questions every day, and we love answering them all.  If the volume of a specific question becomes so great at we feel that the best way to answer it is with a blog post.  One of the most frequent questions asked is if our clients can get a REScheck report created on a Saturday or Sunday? They want to be ready to submit their plans for permit on Monday morning to the building department when the building inspector is fresh.  Our resounding answer is, Yes!

For many years clients needing a REScheck report were at the mercy of architecture firms, HVAC companies, and free lancers who charged outrageous prices, offered inferior service, and worked hours that suited their practice, not their clients. was created for our customers with their needs in mind.  Construction projects can be a long term commitment with all types of emotions presenting themselves.  We guarantee your REScheck report will be the easiest portion of the project when you book a service through us.  That is why we complete REScheck reports 24 hours a day and even on weekends.

For example this Saturday we had an amazing volume of REScheck energy reports and created compliance reports for our clients located across the United States in the following areas:

San Antonio, Texas REScheck Report. 2015 IECC compliant

Corpus Christi, Texas REScheck Report. 2009 IECC and 2012 IECC compliant

Black River Falls, Wisconsin REScheck Report.  Wisconsin Energy Code compliant

New London, North Carolina REScheck Report.  North Carolina Energy Conservation Code compliant

Williamsport, Pennsylvania REScheck Report.  2009 IECC compliant

Peoria, Illinois REScheck Report.  2012 IECC compliant.

Weber, Utah REScheck Report.  2012 IECC compliant.

St. George, Utah REScheck REport.  2012 IECC compliant.

We also created reports for three projects on Saturday that did not pass their prospective climate zones insulation requirements.  In this instance we offered them completed reports to show them how they can add insulation to the structures and where it needs to go.  The designer or architect on these project should be questioned, because designing a structure that not meet it’s climate zone requirement is probably not what the customer expected.

These non compliant designs were located in:

Waynesville, North Carolina 2009 IECC

Gatlinburg, Tennessee 2012 IECC

Salt Lake City, Utah 2012 IECC

At we are all about our clients and will help you in any way possible.  We understand the materials, components, windows, doors, and roof systems and can make suggestions to make sure you get the best insulated home possible.  Part of our commitment to customer service is that we will complete your project any day of the week, any time of day.  This way you can have the first project on your building department’s desk on Monday morning before the building inspector gets cluttered with an entire week’s work.  This is how offers you the best, most affordable, and reliable REScheck reporting service available.  Contact us today or follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, Houss, Google Plus, and Facebook.  It is a busy weekend.  Better get back to RESchecking.  Talk to you soon.