Most Common Reasons for RESchecks failing

Jobe Leonard penned this blog post for and the Reschexpert blog.  He enjoys helping others solve the complex problems that cause failing Reschecks.

Jobe Leonard

Jobe Leonard


I get the call everyday.  “Can you help me?  I have been working on my REScheck for 3 days and I am having trouble getting all the components entered correctly?’  At we are here to help.  Whether you need us to start a REScheck from scratch or help you finish one that has you so frustrated you could throw your laptop across the room, give us a call 865-235-6277.  At just $79 we hope you will give us a call on the first day of REScheck so that you do not waste days of your own valuable time.  However, we are willing to help at anytime during your project.  What I want to discuss with you today are the most common reasons why a REScheck report fails.

The number one component I see causing a REScheck report to fail is the windows.  It is very important to choose the proper windows for your structure, climate zone, and needs.  Most people are building a new house to take advantage of some kind of amazing view from their property.  This could be mountains, lakes, rivers, or the ocean.  We understand, I have personally built and managed over one billion dollars worth of luxury homes on the edges of national forests, lakes, mountains, and the best jobsites across the United States.  This need to have the best view possible is a real concern to us and you.  We can help suggest window components that not only give an awesome view of your surroundings, but also give you the energy efficiency you deserve in your new home.

The second reason why I see REScheck failures are slabs and their insulation.  Just connecting a wall system to a slab foundation is rarely enough.  A homeowner should be prepared for a lifetime of energy loss at this connection.  Even adding an R-1 or R-2 (I would go with more) makes a huge difference.  One of the things we do at is go above and beyond on every report.  If we find a component that can make a huge difference in your home we will not only tell you about it, but we will also create additional reports for you at no extra charge.  This shows you the difference a simple change could make on your structure in writing and allows you to make an educated decision to build the most energy efficient home possible.

The third reason I see homes failing are garage doors.  Think about it for a second.  A garage door is at a minimum 8’x10′.  This represents an 80 square foot hole in your homes insulation envelope where energy can gush right out.  We have several solutions at that we can suggest to help you get through this very common failure.  Zoning the main house away from the garage, specialty garage doors, and treating the garage as a separate structure are all viable solutions.  Contact us today to see which one works best for your project, plan, building department, and climate zone.

Today we discussed some simple reasons why your REScheck might read “FAIL” after you complete the calculation.  At we understand that it is not the end of the world.  We have worked in all 50 states and we have a book at our office marked “solutions”.  Can we look through this book for you?  We are a team of problem solvers that want you to build the best home possible.  Our competition charges 3x as much as we do, and then takes pride in failing your structure.  We offer real world advice and personal service.  Before you spend hours and hours trying a REScheck audit that just will not pass give us a call.  We can find the culprit quickly and offer cost effective advice that can help your home be more efficient for the life of the structure.

Do you have some other reasons that make a REScheck report fail?  We would love to hear them.  Feel free to send them to us on Facebook, Twitter, Houss, or Pinterest.

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