There are certain items that you need for every REScheck so we decided to create what we call a RESchecklist of items that help make the REScheck process easier.  You do not need to know all of these, and some of them we can derive directly from your blueprints or drawings.  We do suggest completing your REScheck report as one of the first steps on your project.  I have so many people call me mid-project with a house that will not pass inspection.   I urge you to take a look through the RESchecklist before ever breaking ground on your jobsite.  If your home does not meet your climate zone’s building standards then your building inspector might require you to make expensive changes.  For just $79 at the beginning of your project we can help you avoid this.  We also offer free consulting so contact us anytime 865-235-6277.

  • What is my local building code?
  • What type of foundation am I using?
  • Is my foundation insulated?
  • What is my wall construction?
  • What type of insulation does my wall use?
  • What brand, type, and design of windows am I using?
  • What brand, type, and design of doors am I using?
  • What type of roof system does my home have?
  • What type of insulation am I using in my roof?
  • What is the square footage and lineal footage of these components?
  • Where am I building?
  • Will my building inspector accept a REScheck report created by the homeowner?

Do not worry if you do not know all of these questions, or any of them at all.  We at are more than willing to dive into your plans, look up your local code, and make sure your design is up to snuff.  We designed this service specifically for you.  We will not rest until we have your REScheck report complete.  Take a look at the above checklist of what you need for a REScheck report and contact us if you need any help answering any of these questions on your plan either on site or in the design phase.

What other items would you add to the RESchecklist?  We are open to suggestions, because we are always open to you.  Feel free to look us up on Houss, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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