I speak with hundreds of people every day about their REScheck energy reports.  So many that I started keeping a chart of the reasons why they are calling, texting, Tweet, Facebook message, and get a hold of me.  Many people who are building a home for the first time would like to know at what point in their project is the correct time to complete a REScheck report.

If you are lucky enough to realize that your building department requires a REScheck during the design process this is the best time to go ahead and complete it.  This way you can check your new home against your climate zone and make sure the windows, doors, walls, ceiling, and are suitable for your area.  If any problems are found at this point they are much easier to correct, because none of the materials have been purchased or installed.

Another time when we get the call for REScheck reporting is mid way through a construction project.  Sometimes because of law changes, oversight, or not knowing, a permit might be issued without the REScheck being complete.  During an insulation inspection is a common time for an inspector to ask for the report.  This is because the REScheck reports we create contain many helpful guides and checklists that make your building inspector’s job much easier.  Anything you can do to streamline the process with the building department is appreciated, this includes a REScheck report.  At this phase creating a REScheck is still doable.  The major issues we see happening the most often is that a door, window, or insulation package might not match the climate zone.  At this point, it is not too late to make a change, but the cost of changing can be greater than if it is designed correctly from the start.

The last option can be the most dreadful.  The home is complete.  All your drywall is hung and you are ready for a certificate of occupancy.  The last item that the building inspector needs to issue is a certificate of occupancy is the REScheck report.  I am never quite sure how a project can move this far along without making sure it is properly insulated, but sometimes they do.  I spoke to a lady in Utah who had this very thing happen.  It turned out her home was improperly designed and insulated from the start.  No one bothered to ask for her REScheck until the final inspection.  Luckily she contacted us at REScheck.info.  We were able to show her the areas she could easily improve for minimal cost.  We spoke to her crying at 9 am in the morning.  By noon that day we had her REScheck report in her hand.  To ease the process for her, I even spoke with her builder to make sure the suggestions we gave would be properly executed.

At REScheck.info the REScheck report can happen at anytime during your project.  We do suggest that you look into this during the planning phase of your project.  This way you can create a proper budget for your home with going over budget.  If you need help establishing a budget in the initial phases of you project, I suggest taking a look at REScheck.info’s full line of construction estimating apps.  A REScheck is a key component of your budgeting process because it shows you how the different systems of your home work together to create an energy efficient envelope.  If for some reason you did not realize a REScheck report was needed on your home until the middle or end of a project, it is not too late.  We can offer comfort at REScheck.info and custom solutions to help ease your pain.  We are not only in this business to build the most efficient homes possible, but also to provide the most personal customer service you will experience during your entire construction project.

If you did not realize your construction project needed a REScheck report we would love to hear your story.  Please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, or Google Plus.

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