Several times per day we hear from people all over the United States wanting to know if they will need a Rescheck for the the addition they are building on to their home. Living in a home that is too small is no fun.  When you need to expand your living area it needs to be done the right way.  The Rescheck report ensures that you undertake this addition on to your home the correct way and insulate the building envelope properly.  Even if your local code does not require one, it is still a great idea to check your insulation envelope against your climate zone.

The next most common question we hear about new home additions, is more alarming.  We have people who have already completed additions that did not realize they needed a Rescheck.  Then an inspection fails and their construction progress is stopped.  If the new home addition is 5%-85% complete there are typically no issues.  We can provide the Rescheck and suggestions in this instance.

What do you do if your new home addition is already complete and the materials that were used fail a Rescheck?  This is a more complicated question that will vary from project to project.  It might be as easy as adding some rigid board foam, insulating the slab, or adding a storm doors.  The flip side is that, if the addition was designed negligently to begin with, you might have to remove drywall, windows, or doors to re-access the entire insulation envelope.  That is a last resort, and typically there are easier materials on a project that you can upgrade to provide better results on your Rescheck.  I have a book marked “Solutions” on my Rescheck desk, and we know them all.

The greatest positive about our Rescheck service is that we have seen all types of passes and failures.  Just by looking at a floor plan and materials, I can give suggestions as to where you will be leaking energy.  We handle all our Rescheck reports on additions in less than 24 hours.  We managed a project last week where the gentleman was distraught in New Jersey.  His new home addition was halted, because he had no Rescheck.  By 1pm that day I had sent the Rescheck report directly to his building inspector, spoke with the building inspector on the phone, and had his project back on track.  There is not a better Rescheck service available on the market today, and we are ready to prove that to you.  If you have a new home, addition, or you are improving your old home, let us provide a $79 Rescheck report.  You will not be disappointed.

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