You know that your project requires a REScheck energy report, because the building inspector gave you back your plans and said you would never get a permit without one.  You have your plans, some scrap paper, an architectural scale, some coffee, a pencil, and your computer ready to create a REScheck report for yourself.  You log onto the governments REScheck website only to find that there are multiple types of software used to create a REScheck report in 2016.  Today we will discuss what the best version is, and why we think this is the case.

The first type of software is the most puzzling to me.  As popular as Apple products are, and as progressive as Apple is about energy efficiency, the REScheck for Mac version has been discontinued.  REScheck is basically a big spreadsheet that calculates values for you on the energy efficiency of a home.  How in the world can they discontinue the software for use in Apple products?  Somebody really dropped the ball here.  One of the largest platforms for computing, and the Department of Energy decides that REScheck software is no longer available for Apple users.  Talk about a disappointment.  Even I can build an Apple App for complex construction calculations.  I just do not understand this decision.

The next version is REScheck for Windows.  This works really well, and is continuously updated.  Maybe the folks at REScheck have an affinity for Windows products, so they continue to provide support for the Windows version of the REScheck software.  One thing you want to make sure, is that when you download REScheck for Windows, you get the latest version.  This changes often.  If you get a version that is older than REScheck Windows 4.6.2, then you will miss out on the entire state of Florida.  That means no Florida Energy Code.  Since Florida the 4th most populated state  you would be missing out on a lot in the REScheck world.  The Windows version works great, and you can create reports anywhere you have your computer so moving to a desert island is not of the question, or just a diner with no Wi-Fi.

The next version of REScheck is the most popular.  REScheck web is a cloud based REScheck version.  What this allows you to do is create a REScheck report using the latest codes, cities, counties, and states.  Once they are complete you can take your report and save them to the cloud.  This is nice if you use multiple computers like me.  For instance, I have a laptop on the plan table, one by the plotter, another on my desk, and another at a stand up desk.  By clicking “Save” on REScheck Web, all I have to do is log in to my account on another computer.  Then I can pull up an unfinished REScheck report, finalize calculations, send to final audit department for triple checking, create a PDF of the compliance report, and then e-mail it out.  The one draw back of this version is you will need the internet for it to work properly.  If you plan on going to a remote cabin to create your RESchecks then you might want to consider a different method.  If you do have the internet, this is the best option as it has the most functionality and flexibility.

There are 3 main types of REScheck software that you can use to create your REScheck report.  Due to the Department of Energy dropping the ball on updating one of the most popular computing platforms, there are actually only 2 methods.  Maybe it is time for me to create a REScheck App for Apple.  Or maybe I am already working on it?  The Windows version works great for places without internet, so creating REScheck reports in Zimbabwe is a breeze.  The REScheck Web is the best and most updated version that relies on the cloud for storing files and updating the codes, cities, and jurisdictions.  Overall, there is a solution available for anyone who would like to create a REScheck report.  If you get stuck in the middle of a REScheck report on the learning curve just give us a call at 865-235-6277, and we will try to help you out.

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