We think learning and completing your own REScheck report is fantastic.  We teach REScheck classes to hundreds of bright students every week.  We also know that if you are doing just one REScheck report for your new home, the opportunity might far outweigh the $79 cost to allow us to handle your REScheck energy audit.  Did you know we schedule between 4-6 hours for every REScheck we complete?  This is with a group of people who do it every day.  If you make even $25 per hour then your time doing the REScheck yourself will cost you well over $100, and it might not even be correct.  What we want to talk about today is some other things you would not do yourself for $79.

Your kid is jumping on the bed in his bedroom.  He takes one super jump, and bounces way too high.  Next thing you know his laying on the ground crying in a pool of blood.  His forehead is gashed open, and it is going to need stitches.  You sewed a pillow once in Home Economics class.  Instead of heading to the hospital you can pick up from horse stitches from the local farm supply store, and sew him up yourself.  This would be a great way to save the $79 co-pay at the Emergency room wouldn’t it?

You run your own business.  You are making great money.  It is almost April and that means your tax deadline is near.  Since you are in a rush, you print off all the forms.  Then you fill them out by hand.  An educated guess at each of the numbers will work great.  Until the IRS calls you in May.  Guessing on numbers and doing your own taxes is another great way to save the $79 a national tax specialist charges, right?

Every time your car approaches a stop sign, it sounds like nails on a chalk board.  Your brakes are totally shot.  Even though you have never worked on a car before, this time you are going to change your own brakes.  You go to auto parts store and buy a jack, some wrenches, brake pads, and a flashlight.  This cost you well over $200 for the materials alone, and now you have to add in your time.  Doing your own brakes instead of taking them to the $79 brake change place is a fantastic way to save a few bucks right?

There are plenty more examples of daily activities that cost $100 or less that you would never do yourself.  It is not because you are lazy or unmotivated.  There is just someone who has set up the service to do it efficiently, correctly, and for a much lower cost than anyone else can do it for.  The same is true with our REScheck service.  If you want to learn to do RESchecks correctly we would be glad to teach you in our classes.  If you are just doing one REScheck energy audit I guarantee we can save you hundreds of dollars over handling the REScheck yourself.

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