It is 9:30 pm at night.  An email comes through to  Then a credit card transaction for $79.  Almost as quickly as these two arrived in our inbox, we got a call on the helpline.  A gentleman in Texas had to submit his plans to an architectural review committee at 8:00 am today.  The one item the architect had overlooked on the design of the project, his Rescheck.  It was not that the client building the home had forgotten to get a Rescheck service for his plan.  The other Rescheck company that he had hired from the internet, had charged him 3 times as much, failed to deliver on time, and was now charging him $25 for ever single time he called to ask them a question.  What we did next might surprise you.

It was 9:30 pm and most of our team had packed up and left for the day.  We had 3 experts remaining and only 1 was on the clock.  We were spending our time reviewing some Reschecks from the day, printing PDFs of compliance reports, and plotting plans to be reschecked in the morning.  What we decided to do on this particular project, is handle it as a team.  This way our new client from Texas could breeze through his architectural review committee for his HOA without a problem.

We divided the Texas rescheck report up into portions.  It was near Austin, so we had created multiple reports there this month alone.  One person handled the wall and ceiling measurements.  The next person took on the doors and windows.  The third person (me) took specs from the plan and laid them out in an easy to calculate format we use everyday at  When our first tasks were done, we moved on to the foundation and each of us took a section.  Within about 2 hours we had all the data laid out and ready to be entered into the REScheck report.  It was now 12:15 am.

We pulled up our REScheck report software on the laptop and entered each item line by line.  The we clicked “checked compliance” to see if the structure was up to snuff.  The report passed.  Next we printed off a copy of the report and compliance certificate for each of the team members and traded components.  We each took an extra 25 minutes to go back and review each other’s section of the plan to make sure every item was correct.  After finding no discrepancies, I printed a final report.  I signed this report, scanned it to a PDF and within about 3 hours I was back on the hotline calling the client to let them know their Rescheck was complete.  We then e-mailed him the report and certificate for instant retrieval.

Although time is nice when computing  REScheck report, it is not always available.  We designed our REScheck service just for you and with you in mind.  In the event that you have a REScheck emergency, we can come up with a solution that works for your situation.  We never charge you extra for phone calls, emails, modifications, or other silly add-ons that our competitors are so proud of.  $79 is the price and that comes with world class customer service, a no pass no pay guarantee, and a 24 hours service guarantee that is unrivaled in the industry.  We usually finish most reports in 4-6 hours, but in this case we were able to handle it in about 3 hours.  If you have a rescheck energy audit that is in emergency status, or maybe one that just needs to be completed.  Give us a chance, we will dazzle you with efficiency and warm personal service that makes what it is today.  The leader in online REScheck reporting.