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One of the best states we have found for Rescheck reporting is Louisiana.  The people, their amazing architecture, and complexity of the Louisiana Energy code all make each Louisiana Rescheck a fun project to manage.  Amazingly enough my older sister was born in Louisiana and I was only 2 weeks away from being born their before my family moved.  I have spent plenty of time there in recent years, and really have an affinity for the people and culture.

Several things that people need to keep in mind on every Louisiana Rescheck.  The code is typically IECC 2012 in most jurisdictions.  Because it is a far southern climate the Rescheck report created there will be similar to a Texas or New Mexico Rescheck report in both U-value and SHGC readings.

The most common foundation I see in Louisiana is the slab.  That doesn’t mean there are not any crawl spaces or basements on Reschecks in Louisiana, as I do see those as well.  It has to do with the soils in the areas you are building in.  In the walls system, I typically see Louisiana builders and homeowners spec in the R-13 to R-19 range.  In the ceilings the specs are almost always R-38 and up.  With the hot Louisiana sun and humidity pounding down all summer long it is easy to see why.

Overall there are plenty of item to look out for on every Louisiana Rescheck.  The value we can provide a client in Louisiana on their Rescheck is that we can perform them very quickly.  We typically have them back in your hand in 4-6 hours.  We also have worked with almost every building department in Louisiana so we already know what works, and what doesn’t.  We are experts on Louisiana’s Energy Codes.  Finally, we only charge $79 no matter how large the home’s footprint is.  This is almost $150 less than our nearest competitor.  Strictly because we are on a mission to help as many people in Louisiana with their reschecks as possible.  We offer free help on our Louisiana Rescheck helpline 865-235-6277 and will anwer your Louisiana Rescheck questions with a smile, even if you do not buy our service.  Upload your plan now and 8 seconds later we will already be starting your Rescheck.  Try it.