How can it be that the highest quality Rescheck on the market is available for the lowest cost?  In addition to being the lowest cost available by some $100 dollars or so, it is also the fastest service available. Then add on the fact that the other options on the market provide zero customer service. Then you begin to find out why is changing the Rescheck market, for the better.

We started our Rescheck service with one person in mind, the customer. For years the customer had been put in last place in the Rescheck world. The people who created the reports for them overcharged, gouged, and then laughed in their faces when they needed a simple change. When we created our service, we thought differently.
What if we could have the report in our clients in hand in 4-6 hours? What if gave the client free modifications to their Rescheck report at anytime during the project? What if we offered instant uploads and eliminated all shipping costs that were currently involved with Reschecks. With one quick swoop of the Rescheck magic wand we made it happen.

This service is designed for you and by you. We take hundreds of Rescheck questions every day, and we answer them free of charge, as a service to you.  This is how we created the service. We know what the typical client has to deal with when building homes, because everyone on our staff has over a decade of construction management experience all over the United States. I can promise you, that you will not find a company that offers you more compassion and caring about your project than you receive during the creation of your Rescheck report. We provide an innovative, new age-Rescheck with old fashion values like honesty, integrity, and putting you first.

If you are ready to give us a try, you can have your rescheck started by the time you finish this paragraph. Our instant upload Rescheck system allows you to get started at anytime of day. Simply upload your plan and we will contact you when your Rescheck is complete, which will be lightning fast.