My ________ does not do reschecks and no one in town wants to touch it. Fill in the blank above with contractor, architect, designer, builder, or everyone else involved with your new construction project. We hear it every day on the nationwide Rescheck help line.

If someone on your project has let you down by not preparing the rescheck that was needed. Let us lift you up. We offer warm personal customer service on every single Rescheck we handle. We also create Reschecks very efficiently. In two shakes of lamb tail you can instantly upload a Rescheck to our site and we will already be started on it.

First we will contact take you with a live Rescheck specialist to let you know we received you plans. Then we will print your plans on our gigantic blueprint plotter and take them to our desk. That’s where the calculations begin. Our office park neighbors complain all the time about the sound of crunching numbers. We just cannot stop, we have to do more reschecks, because that is what we love.

Finally, after about 4-6 hours your rescheck is calculated and your compliance certificate, checklist, and Rescheck report are ready to be sent to you. The quickness with which we attend to your needs will surprise you. Gone are the days when reschecks took months, or weeks. We are here for you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to make sure that you have an accurate Rescheck whenever you need it.