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A Rescheck report can help your construction project in many ways.  The benefits of having one even if your code does not specify it are numerous.  Out of all the individuals we talk to each day dealing with Rescheck issues we were able to put together an easy to use list of the 3 ways that a Rescheck report will help you the most on your new construction project.

The first way that a rescheck report will help you on your new construction, addition, or home alteration is that it will unify all the members of the team with a common plan.  Gone are the days of each sub doing their own thing until you end up with an inferior product and over budget home.  A rescheck report shows them the exact specs to which the foundation, windows, doors, walls, and ceilings must be built.  Even the build department and builder inspector play an important role by checking the rescheck against your blueprints, and inspecting the home once it is complete to point out any areas that were not built according to the plan and the rescheck.

The second way that we find that a rescheck report helps a consumer on a project is on the job cost savings.  If we feel there is an overuse of an insulation product or component on a structure, we will point it out to the client immediately.  Recently an R-3 board on the perimeter of a home was able to be removed that saved the customer well over $9,000 on the project’s total bill.  They used $3,000 of this money to add an extra R-3 to the ceiling.  This allowed the homeowner to pocket a cool $6,000 in savings and have a home that was 17% more efficient.  All this just by having us create a Rescheck and offer free suggestions.

The final area where a Rescheck helps a consumer, is over the life of the home.  One of the guaranteed bills that will arrive every month in your mailbox is the energy bill.  Even just a decade ago the homeowner had to rely on word of mouth that their home was insulated adequately.  Today with a Rescheck report at a home’s start it can give you piece of mind that every component of the home was designed properly.  Over the life of the home, this can easily save you over $1,000,000.  With that money you can buy a lot of things, and maybe even build another home in the future.

In total the Rescheck report can help you build the best home possible.  There are plenty areas that a rescheck report is helpful when building a home.  We thing that teamwork, cost savings, and the lifetime value of a Rescheck report are the three most important areas.  If you can think of other areas that a Rescheck can help with we would love to hear about them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Weebly, Houzz, Tumblr, Blogger, or Medium.