One of’s main missions is to help people with their Rescheck report.  Every day we take 100’s of calls from people who just need a questions answered, help with a component, or a hand finding their code.  We are glad to offer Rescheck assistance to anyone who might need it, free of charge.  We do this because we want to see the most energy efficient homes be built across the United States, and we have the expertise to help you do that.

Offering free Rescheck assistance to individuals in needs also helps us better our service for future users.  If a feature of the Rescheck software is down in a certain jurisdiction, we want to know about it.  This way we can act fast and let other users know immediately what they might run into in the same area.  Recently the Heat Loss Calc feature was down in the entire state of Wisconsin.  We answered and helped over 2 dozen builders complete their reschecks and heat loss calcs in just one afternoon by using alternate methods that we helped pioneer.

With a pulse on Reschecks around the United States, we are also able to stay in tune with what current architectural trends, components, and insulation standards that are being used.  This helps us pick the best insulation and component package for every home we Rescheck and every person we help.  We enjoy talking to people every day and the feeling of providing assistance to someone in need is second to none.

If you are working through a Rescheck report and have come to a literal brick wall, then you should give us a call on the Rescheck helpline at 865-235-6277.  Chances are that we have seen whatever you are looking at before, and we can help you get your rescheck back on track quickly, efficiently, and in a workman like manner.  No matter when, why, or who calls us at we are ready to help.  We recently had a close competitor call just to ask some questions about a Rescheck report he was working on.  He allowed us to log into his Rescheck software remotely and fix his issue.  Even for a competitor we provided our Rescheck assistance.  We will do the same for you.  Contact us today.