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One of the most progressive states in terms of adopting and enforcing energy codes is Colorado.  From the Builders Association of Southwest Colorado offering classes on energy efficient homes several times a month, to Larimer County updating their building code on May 1st of 2016.  It is obvious that Colorado takes energy efficient homes very seriously.  It was in the summer of 2012 that I sat down with the Pike’s Peak Regional Building Department to discuss Rescheck reporting, and noticed a particular drive to make sure that all homes built in Colorado were energy efficient.

Colorado has a very unique climate that includes plains, mountains, and even deserts.  What we notice is that states with more variance in their landscape are usually the first to adopt and enforce Rescheck reporting.  This is mainly because areas can vary in their average temperatures even when they are a few miles apart.  The Rescheck report takes this all into account, and assures every party involved in the construction process that the best home is being built.  It also allows one standard of construction to be used by building departments.  Some of these Colorado building departments might have several different climate areas inside one jurisdiction.

Colorado is also home to many different styles of construction.  Conventional homes, log homes, timberframe homes, and even some mixes of southwestern adobe style homes are all constructed on a daily basis.  What the Rescheck report allows building officials to do is place them all on a level playing field.  The components like foundations, windows, doors, walls, and the roof system are all compared to their specific insulation values and how they relate to the climate zone they are being built in.  This makes sure the homeowner gets the best insulated home available.  Then nothing is compromised in regards to their lifetime energy costs on the home.

Overall Colorado has many different topographical features and building styles.  Each one of these areas and methods of construction has gone into Colorado’s Energy Code to make it a very dynamic and effective model for building homes.  In states like Colorado that have adopted Rescheck as a requirement for a building permit, it makes building homes very easy.  A majority of the blueprints and plans created in Colorado are drawn with the Rescheck requirement in mind.  This makes adapting each home to the Rescheck report easy and painless.  If you are planning a home in Colorado and need a Rescheck report to show compliance to your local building department, we would be glad to help.  We charge just $79 for every Colorado Rescheck report.  If you just have a questions about your Rescheck report, we will answer it for free.  When you think of Colorado Rescheck reports, think of