Lady’s and Gentleman, introducing to you, The Rescheck Help App.  After all the challenges that go into creating a live app that allows everyone help with Rescheck reporting, this is a success!  We connect all Rescheck users with a human REScheck specialist, and provide a simple Pass/Fall grade based on the information you submit through the App.

The Rescheck Help App will allow a user to navigate an easy to use Rescheck questionnaire.  This information will be handled by a human Rescheck specialist who will enter the information and give you a pass or fail grade.  We developed the App to take the learning curve out of the REScheck report.  We broke the process into 3 easy to use steps.  They are as follows.

1. Download The REScheck Help App to your phone from the ITunes Store.

2. Submit an easy to use questionnaire.

3. Submit your home plan’s data.
A real live human being will enter your home’s data into Rescheck software and a Pass/Fail grade will automatically be sent to you.

We tried to make this app as functional, and easy to use as possible. Then we added a personal touch of warm, friendly, personal customer service.  This way we can help more people complete their Rescheck with a caring attitude of sharing Rescheck knowledge with you. If you need a Rescheck we think you will enjoy the Rescheck Help App.

A Rescheck report has traditionally been difficult for a new user to create without lengthy study and training.  We estimate that it takes a new student 10-12 hours to create their first Rescheck in our beginner Rescheck classes.  That is why we set up, to help other people with their Reschecks, even if they do not hire us to create a report for them.  This allows us to keep a pulse on what people find the most difficult about performing a Rescheck.  We can then use this data, and our knack for caring and responsive customer service to create products like the REScheck Help App just for you.

Download the Rescheck Help App here.