If your Rescheck lasts longer than 4 hours then please call Rescheck.info hotline at 865-235-6277.

Rescheck.info is in the business to help you with your Rescheck.  A homeowner can easily complete their own Rescheck Energy report for their home.  The hardest part is learning a new set of software.  We set up our entire offering to make the Rescheck report, compliance certificate, and building department checklist the easiest part of your project.

We even help building departments implement their fledgling Rescheck programs.  Recently we took a piece of software that we had developed just for building inspectors and released it for the general public to use.  The Rescheck Help App solves all the major problems of Rescheck software by allowing you to calculate the items you know and having the information loaded into the Rescheck software by a pro.

If you plan to spend more than 4 hours on a Rescheck and your time is worth $25 per hour then you have already spent $100 on something that should not be so difficult.  Will you let Rescheck.info be a part of the process?  We offer warm, tender, caring customer service from real live U.S. based human beings who take an in depth understanding of every project we consult.

The next time you have a Rescheck need, you have a choice.  You can send your plans to service@rescheck.info, call the Rescheck Help Hotline at 865-235-6277, or download the REScheck Help App to solve all of your Rescheck questions and needs.