Learning to use an App is one thing.  Learning to use a new piece of software is another.  At Rescheck.info we find in training that it takes a new user at least 10-12 hours to fully understand the functionality.  We took this in depth knowledge of the software and figured out the key questions that every Rescheck report must answer.  After bundling them into an easy to use format, we created the Rescheck Help App.  Why not learn RESchecks the way your building inspector learned?  You can do this today by using a technology we created for use in building departments across the world and recently released to the general public.

Rescheck.info’s mission from day 1 has always been to help the end user complete their Rescheck in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.  Whether we are working with a building department, builder, architect, engineer, or homeowner we always provide free help to anyone who asks.  We do this with a caring and warm attitude that allows us to learn about the best way to perform and serve Reschecks from the ground up.

A first time Rescheck can be a daunting task for any new user.  Especially when they have just been shocked by the fact that their new home plan failed the plan inspection at the building department.  Many times the only reason for failure is that they did not include a Rescheck report.  Sometimes there are inadequacies with the home’s insulation envelope that need to be addressed either before or after construction.  At Rescheck.info we have seen thousands of scenarios and we know the correct solution for every situation.  With the creation of the Rescheck Help App we hope to find even more odd ball cases that we can put in our files to use as knowledge and experience on the next Rescheck we perform.

If you ever have a question about a Rescheck we would be glad to hear from you on the Rescheck.info hotline 865-235-6277.  We also realize that calling someone might be intimidating.  With the creation of the Rescheck Help App you can enter all your info directly into an easy to use form and get in touch instantly with a Rescheck expert who is ready to help you.  Know with two ways to tackle your Rescheck Pass/Fail questions we have created avenues to solve even the toughest Rescheck report questions.

In the instance that you have a Rescheck report you need help we would be glad to hear from you either over the phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, or therough the Rescheck App.  We are striving to make help with a Rescheck as easy as possible and deliver that help to you in the manner through which you would like to consume it.  Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog and we would love to hear from you any day of the week.