Why the rescheck app is revolutionizing how reschecks are created.

Building inspectors have used this technology around the United States for years using a program created by REScheck.info.  Now we have released it to the general public.  Most builders, architects, and homeowners understand the home they are building better than anyone involved in the construction process.  At Rescheck.info we continued to get calls on the implementation of just using the software.  We took what we learned from our clients on a daily basis and molded that into an app.  This way the App User can enter the components of a home that they know and get the information entered into Rescheck software in a quick, easy, and free format.  Then get a pass/fail grade simply by working through the app.

The app is simple to use, offers amazing functionality, and allows anyone with knowledge of the blueprint to enter the information.  Until know a new Rescheck user would have to take 10-12 hours to completely learn a new set of software just to enter the Rescheck info for their home.  Now the entire process has been boiled down to about 2 minutes.  If your time is worth money then the Rescheck Help App is worth its’ weight in gold.

Builders like the App because they have already done complex calculations on the homes they are going to build in order to give their clients estimates.  Architects are our number one clients and the only reason we consistently have them asking questions is because they do not understand the software.  Homeowners are held at bay by not being able to complete their construction projects because a Rescheck is needed and they do not have the time to learn a new set of software.  The Rescheck Help App assists all these people in allowing each group to enter their home’s components in a simple questionnaire and acquiring a Pass/Fail grade simply and easily.

At certain times in a products life cycle innovations come along that completely change the game.  We feel that the Rescheck Help App has provided all interested groups with a key component to any construction project.  By minimizing delays, cutting costs, and allowing the most efficient homes to be built the Rescheck Help App is available at a time when Reschecks are being required at almost every building department across the United States.  With jurisdictions updating energy codes and requiring more insight iinto the way a home is built the Rescheck Help App delivers exactly as promised.