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One of the top offerings that our REScheck service includes is the opportunity for free changes at anytime during your construction project.  When you work with us to create your Rescheck report, we are there for you, no matter what.  With a background in the construction industry we know one thing, changes happen.  Instead of treating you like a criminal and milking you for extra money, we treat you like a real human being and provide you quality customer service on every Rescheck report we create, for the life of the project.

The most common change that we see is an addition of a window or door to a structure.  Sometimes it is hard to realize exactly what a view will be like on a home until you actually have the subfloor in and can walk across it.  If all of a sudden you realize the living room needs an extra window to see your beautiful mountain view, we say do it.  You only get one chance to build your custom home the way you want it, and we want you to have it exactly the way you want it.  This is how we designed our entire Rescheck consulting service, for you, and with you in mind.

Maybe the opposite happened and after walking the subfloor with your contractor you realize that your master bedroom window points right at your neighbor’s junky yard.  In this instance, we can also make the modification to your rescheck report free of charge.  We are in the business to help you with your rescheck.  Even if you had not hired us, you could still give us a call on our rescheck help hotline at 865-235-6277.  We would take you by the hand and walk you through a rescheck window or door change, and do it with a smile.  If you need assistance on a rescheck then is the place to go.

At we realize that changes to structures happen.  In a perfect world, you would design a home, stick to the plan, and your home would be built exactly as it is designed.  After building hundreds of multi million dollar custom homes, for clients around the United States, we realize that nothing could be further from the truth.  So we are here for you at anytime during the construction project.  If you hire us to work for you, we will gladly make your Rescheck modifications for you at anytime during your construction process for the cool price of zero.  If you are ready to get your rescheck started simply upload your blueprints into one of our portals, and like magic, a rescheck expert will contact you promptly to get the report started.  If you have a change to an existing rescheck all you have to do is call or e-mail us with the change.  We will put you next in line as a valued existing customer.  I can guarantee you will not find customer service like we provide at any other time during your construction project.  If you do, you should hire them to do more.