How Adopting Rescheck reporting can save your building department money.

Rescheck reporting was developed by the DOE to make sure everyone involved with a construction project was on the page in regards to a structure’s insulation values.  One of the greatest things about a Rescheck is that takes all the components of a home and places them onto an easy to read report, checklist, and compliance certificate.  This takes the guess work out of finding out if a home is built correctly for the climate zone it will be constructed in.

As more and more building departments across the United States and Canada adopt Rescheck reporting we thought it might be helpful to look into the ways that Rescheck reports can save a building depart money.  Here is an easy to use checklist of some different ways that we have seen jurisdictions save their monthly budgets by using Reschecks.

  • Reduced Plan inspection times
  • Increased understanding of Insulation Requirements
  • Uniform Building Standards
  • Use of Correct Windows and Doors on first plans
  • Decreased Jobsite Inspection Times
  • Better Relationships with Builders and Homeowners
  • Easier Permitting Procedures
  • Faster Job Startup Times

Overall a building department producing just 1 building permit per week can save hundreds of dollars per month just by making a Rescheck report a requirement for every permit.  The best part about the Rescheck is that it breaks out all the key components of the home into easy to use metrics that can be re-used on the project for things like tax assessment, permit cost calculations, and insulation inspections.

Implementing Rescheck reporting at your building department does not have to be a tedious or troublesome endeavor.  If you are looking for a good place to start, just look at the current code you are using.  IECC 2009 and IECC 2012 are the most common we see.  States like Michigan, counties like Larimer in Colorado, and cities like New Providence in New Jersey are moving towards versions of the 2015 code that suit them best.  Whatever code your building department decides to use, the important thing is that you start using Rescheck.  This allows you to have one construction standard across your entire jurisdiction, and takes the guess work out of a large portion of the construction project.

If you as a building department or building inspector have questions about implementing a Rescheck program for your office you can call us free on the Rescheck helpline anytime at 865-235-6277.  We would be glad to share with you some best practices in Rescheck implementation, free of charge.  We also offer several municipal solutions where we can go as far and checking all your blueprints against your Rescheck reports for your, if you are looking for a turnkey solution.