The future of Resheck reporting seems to be upon us.  Many states are upgrading their codes month by month.  New Jersey is requiring that their Rescheck reports be created using IECC 2015 after upgrading from the IECC 2009 code just this spring.  Many counties in Texas are doing the same.  Alabama is also using the IECC 2015 code and several states are moving away from their state adopted codes.  Take for instance Illinois, in the Rescheck reporting software you have the option to choose an Illinois specific code.  However, if you build a home in Peoria or in other areas surrounding Chicago you will quickly realize that the Illinois Energy Code is no longer accepted, and they have moved forward to the IECC 2015 code.


Seeing that we are now in the later months of 2016 I expect many other jurisdictions to update their codes as well in the coming months.  Using a code that is 7 years old (IECC 2009) when there is a newer one available takes some legislative pressure if there is going to be a change to a newer code.  The rumblings in building departments across the United States indicate that we are well on the way to seeing many jurisdictions upgrade their codes to either the IECC 2012 or IECC 2015.


What about state specific Codes?  The following states have their own state specific REScheck system:


New York Energy Code Rescheck

Illinois Energy Code Rescheck

Florida Energy Code Rescheck

Georgia Energy Code Rescheck

North Carolina Energy Code Rescheck

Utah Energy Code Rescheck

Vermont Energy Code Rescheck

Washington Energy Code Rescheck

Wisconsin Energy Code Rescheck

IECC 2018 and State Level Energy Code Interview

So when you are creating your own Rescheck energy report, how do you decide whether to use IECC 2012, IECC 2015, or the state specific code?  The answer is tricky.  Every Rescheck report must be individually researched for the jurisdiction that it will be applied to.  Routinely we call the building inspector ourselves just to ask the preference of the local building official which code they prefer for their city, county, or state.  This allows us to create more accurate Reschecks and have a higher first time Rescheck pass rate than anyone else in the industry.  We developed our entire Rescheck service to benefit not only the customer, but also the building departments that require the Rescheck energy reporting.  By saving each side of the equation time, money, and effort we can make the energy side of a new construction project as easy as it has ever been.  Not only is there less effort, but also it allows for everyone involved to have a more efficient home and a lifetime of lower energy bills.


If you are having trouble navigating the entire Rescheck process, we would be glad to help you.  You can simply email your plan to or call 865-235-6277 and talk to a real U.S. based Rescheck professional 24 hours a day.  Even if you do not choose to hire use we will answer your questions, help you with your Rescheck, and give you the assistance you deserve free of charge.