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Rescheck, Now What? You have your Rescheck completed, now what should you do? Plenty of people need to know what to do once the calculations are completed for their Rescheck. You know the square footage of your walls, ceiling, windows, and doors and have diligently entered all you calculations into the REScheck software. Your calculation came back with a passing grade, and now you have a 10-14 page PDF of the results.
The main question now is what do you do with your REScheck PDF packet? The answer depends on where you are building. If you are in an area that does not require REScheck reporting for new construction, additions, or alterations take your REScheck report and save it in a secure place on your computer. Because the REScheck reporting software operates on a cloud, you will always have a backup somewhere floating around the interwebs should you absolutely need it. Then go ahead and print off a copy and place it in with your home’s title or other secure documents for the home. This could come in handy should you ever go to sell your home.
In the event that you needed a REScheck energy report to get a building permit, then the next steps are equally as simple. You will want to open the PDF in either a Foxit PDF reader or Adobe and hit the print button. Simply print every page of the report (typically 10-14 pages), then find a stapler. Staple this entire packet together and deliver it with your construction blueprints to your building department or building inspector. Your REScheck PDF packet contains 3 key components that the building department will need.
Item 1 is the REScheck report and calculations. This shows the inspector how you arrived at your calculations and what the respective insulation values of each component are.
Item 2 is the REScheck checklist. This allows the building department or building inspector to easily provide an on site inspection of the structure and compare it against the REScheck for consistency.
Item 3 is a compliance certificate. Many jurisdictions are now requiring that this certificate be placed on the electrical panel of the home so that any future buyer can see that the home was built with REScheck standards. Even if your local jurisdiction does not require this step, it might be worth while to go ahead and do it. This way, even decades from now when people are driving space ships around your neighborhood any prospective buyer will know you took the time to have your home Reschecked.
If at anytime during your home construction or Rescheck reporting you have difficulty printing, generating, compiling, or delivering your final Rescheck to the building department feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or call 865-235-6277 and we will assist you free of charge. Even if you used one of our competitors and cannot get them respond in a timely fashion or without paying them another arm and a leg (very common issues), we will even help you modify theirs or our reports free of charge.