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A state we see plenty of Reschecks questions from is the state of Georgia. The toughest part about Georgia and their Rescheck process is that just in the past 3 days I have seen 3 different jurisdictions using 3 different codes. There are special ways to wade through which code is correct for your Rescheck project. Today we will discuss the type of code and your options if you building a new home in Georgia.
Georgia is a very diverse state with varying geographical areas. Plains on the west, mountains to the north, and the coast of the Atlantic ocean on the east, and the humongous concrete jungle of Atlanta and it’s urban sprawl in the upper middle of the state. These features all offer an extreme variance as to how a home and its’ insulation envelope will perform against it’s climate zone.
When performing a Rescheck in Georgia the 3 most common codes that we see being used are as follows:

Georgia Energy Code
IECC 2012
IECC 2015

So how do you know which code is correct for your project? The key lies in your individual building department. At we make the effort to contact every building department we create a Rescheck for. This way we can iron out the specific details of every project, before ever calculating the first Rescheck component. Other companies actually charge you extra for them to make sure they are doing your Rescheck correctly. We find that unbelievable and unacceptable.
After you know whether your Georgia Rescheck requires the Georgia Energy Code, IECC 2012, or IECC 2015 all you need to do is measure your building components, enter them into your Rescheck software, and print off a signed copy of your completed Rescheck report. You will turn your entire Georgia Rescheck packet into your local building department with your plans. Your building inspector will contact you with any feedback they might have on your project.
If by chance, you are building a new home construction project in Georgia and find the different Georgia codes, Rescheck software, and entire Rescheck process too tedious. We have created a Georgia Rescheck service just for you at only $79. We can complete your Rescheck in 4-6 hours, offer free unlimited changes for the life of the project, and give you the warmest friendliest customer service you will receive during the entire duration of your construction project. Guaranteed.