Alabama has some of the most progressive Rescheck policies in the United States.  With nearly the entire state using IECC 2015 code for Rescheck reporting Alabama has been one of the first movers in the use of the new code.  Even before states like New Jersey, Michigan, select Illinois and Colorado counties Alabama was already using the IECC 2015.


Again, as we see in a majority of the states with very innovative and accommodative energy codes, Alabama has very diverse geographical regions.  On the north eastern side of the state the mountains they share with Tennessee and Georgia create one set of issues.  On the southern part of the state is coast line, and in the middle of the state you run into everything from plains, swamps, and extended farmland.


Alabama adopted this progressive energy code to help everyone involved in construction projects in the state to have a clear idea of what is expected.  Also the money savings over the next 20 years will be substantial as an entire crop of new housing projects will be built with the nation’s most stringent energy codes.


Specializing in Alabama’s changing energy codes, has followed the progression of Alabama’s energy code since day one.  We could easily predict that when the 2018 IECC is finalized that Alabama will be at the forefront of the adoption of the new code as well.  Until then we will continue to help Alabama home builders, building inspectors, building departments, home owners, architects, and engineers create the best Rescheck reports possible using the Alabama Energy Code and IECC 2015 for Rescheck Energy Reporting.