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Illinois is a very progressive state when it comes to requiring Rescheck reports on their new construction projects. Some of the confusions that arise when completing Illinois Reschecks are which code should be used and who do I contact for questions on an Illinois Rescheck Report.

Illinois is a special state in the sense that there is an Illinois specific energy code that is used for Reschecks. However, it is becoming dated and some jurisdictions have started adopting the 2012 IECC and 2015 IECC to replace this state specific code.

A common question that arises on Illinois new construction, additions, and home alterations is which Illinois Energy Code should I use when creating my rescheck report? The answer can be complicated. It all comes down to where you are building, and what your building department has adopted as a standard.

At what we will do for you is contact your building department to eliminate all questions and then start your Rescheck. We do this on any Illinois Rescheck for only $79, and can have it back in your hands in about 4-6 hours.

We are familiar with all areas in Illinois.  My mother was actually born and raised in Rock Island, Illinois so it is a state that I have spent plenty of time in. I am also very familiar with the climate zone, construction methods, and all applicable building codes.

If you have an Illinois Rescheck you need help with just give me a call on the Illinois Rescheck Helpline 865-235-6277 and I will be glad to consult with you free of charge even if you choose not to hire us for your Rescheck. We are in the business to make sure your Illinois Rescheck gets done correctly, efficiently, and professionally and we would love to hear from you.