One of the biggest moves in Rescheck reporting this year happened in one of the United States largest states, Texas.  On October 1st they made the switch from the IECC 2012 to IECC 2015.  This change caught many builders, architects, engineers, homeowners, and building departments off guard.  At we recognized the change was coming early in the year and started preparing all of our Texas Reschecks for both IECC 2012 and IECC 2015 so that we could full analyze the differences.  This results in a better end product for you.

With a full understanding of the IECC 2015 energy code as it pertains to Texas’s varying cities, terrain, and climate zones it allows us to help you choose the most efficient materials possible when it comes to your new construction project, addition, or alteration.  Many cities in Texas are slowly coming around to the IECC 2015 and for the ones that struggle we offer municipal solutions that can help them implement the switch quickly, efficiently, and below budget.

For the average homeowner Texas’s switch to IECC 2015 from the IECC 2012 code for Texas Reschecks means nothing but positives.  Allowing the end user of the new home to have a more efficient home for the life of the structure will allow them to literally save over $1,000,000 through the life of the structure.  We can literally show you options on your new home that will help you save hundreds of dollars per month on your energy bill and the IECC 2015 code switch further cements these savings.

Overall, if you are planning to build or renovate in Texas then a Rescheck report might be a great option for you.  Most building departments will require it to make the building inspector’s job easy.  In the instance where it is required we would love to earn your business.  Our top of the line Texas Rescheck Service costs only $79 and we can have the report back in your hand in 4-6 hours.  In the event that Texas decides to update their code again we will update your Rescheck free of charge for the life of the project.  We built our Texas Rescheck service around you, come see why we are the web’s #1 Rescheck provider.  Call the Rescheck helpline at 865-235-6277 or email today!