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With the election of a new president in the United States there is always an element of change.  In an effort to take a look at every aspect of energy codes and Rescheck Energy Reports, I thought I would take an in depth look at what a Trump Presidency means for Rescheck Energy Reporting.

My first assumption, is what I wrote my entire Master Thesis on in 2007, that correctly predicted the coming recession.  I am 100% certain that housing starts drive building permits and ultimately Rescheck Energy Reports.  So I created a graph that shows housing starts in relation to either a Democratic or Republican being in office.  I personally do not believe in blind party politics.  I can tell you that I am not certain that my graph tells us anything concrete about which party’s president is better for housing starts.  Mainly because there are so many underling events that take place in an economy during a presidency.  Minor events can have a profound effects on the amount of new construction that takes place in the United States.  Wars, Interest rate moves, recessions, depressions, economic upturns, and new building codes can all manipulate the number of new homes that are built.  Placing blame squarely on a president or political party would be very short-sided.  At we take a look at the big picture of green homes, new construction, and energy reporting.

What I do know is that Donald Trump has a better understanding of building codes and development than any of the presidents before him.  Other than George Washington and Thomas Jefferson being amateur architects there has been a relatively low occurrence of United States presidents coming from the construction trade.  I do not believe Donald Trump built too many houses by hand, but then again, he did not have to.  I do believe that if you sat Donald Trump down and grilled him about the R-Value of a roof system, wall system, window unit, door unit, or foundation that he would be able to give you viable answers as they pertain to a Rescheck Energy Report.  This is important because his understanding of building codes and development could be a real positive for Rescheck reports, new construction, and his policy towards construction and development as a president.

So using my in depth algorithms to predict what housing starts (and ultimately Reschecks) will do over the next 4-8 years of a Trump presidency can prove tricky.  My thoughts are that with a rapidly decaying supply of homes built 30-50 years ago coupled with millennials buying first homes, we will continue on an up turn of construction for the next 3-5 years.  Will we surpass the 1973 or 2006 peaks set during the Nixon and Bush terms?  We have a long way to go.  The one positive is that we have been below average at housing starts for so many years that a lethal combination of increased demand, rising interest rates, and increasing household incomes could create the perfect storm of rising new home construction over the next few years.  Finally, place a man in the oval office that is sympathetic to developers and builders. This is welcome news for anyone involved in the construction industry.

My background lies in new home construction, development, and studying data from the US Census Bureau as it pertains to housing starts.  Whether Republican or Democrat I cannot stress to you enough how important new housing starts are to our economy as a whole.  Every new home built needs massive amounts of labor, materials, appliances, and stimulates the local economy it is built in.  Then for the life of the home it creates revenue for utility companies, tax departments, and insurance providers.  Bottom line, the total amount of contribution to the economy from every new home built, no matter how large, is massive.  So maybe you are having trouble cheering on any part of the new president’s policy, administration, or demeanor.  Maybe, just maybe, the one thing that we can all come together and cheer about is how an increase in housing starts would be beneficial for our country, economy, and energy codes pertaining to Rescheck Energy Reports.