What is new in the world of Reschecks, Green Homes, and Home Energy Audits?  As the leader in online Rescheck reporting, we like to keep our Reschexpert blog readers up to date with the happenings in Rescheck energy reporting from around the United States.

The biggest news this year in updated energy codes took place in Washington, Hawaii, Vermont, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Alabama and Michigan all adopting forms of the IECC 2015 during the year.  In other states, certain counties and cities have also adopted the codes to move away from the rapidly aging IECC 2009 and IECC 2012 energy codes.  After completing thousands of energy audits in all of these states we would have to argue that the real winner here is the end user of the home being audited.  The IECC 2015 is the pinnacle of new codes and the people moving into these homes Reschecked with the IECC 2015 will be able to live a life of lower energy bills, peace of mind, and an up front understanding of how their home interacts with their local climate zone.  One disclaimer however, is that even though this block of states has adopted the IECC 2015, not all jurisdictions are fast adopters within their borders.  I know this through the sheer volume of older code Reschecks that are requested in the above states on a daily basis.  It can be odd to be asked to revise a Rescheck from IECC 2015 to IECC 2009 at the request of a local building official, but in the world of Rescheck energy reporting we exist for the sole purpose of the end user.

Other happenings in the real of Rescheck energy reporting are several fantastic new offerings from Rescheck reporting services.  For the first time in the history of Rescheck energy reporting you can now get a Rescheck in 4-6 hours.  When I first entered the industry and researched the competition, everyone offering Reschecks took pride in taking at least 7-10 days to complete a clients Rescheck (many still do).  We at Rescheck.info decided to take Rescheck energy reporting out of the stone age and provide 99% of them in 4-6 hours.  That has allowed us to become the leader in low cost, high quality, Rescheck energy reports.

Probably the biggest news in the Rescheck industry over the past decade was the development of the Rescheck Help App.  When the DOE stopped support for the Mac/Apple Version of the Rescheck software there was an obvious need for someone to fill the void.  At Rescheck.info we stepped up to the plate and knocked the offering out of the park.  We did this with the invention of our Rescheck Help App.  Thousands have been helped and the volume of help requests we see every day shows us what everyone already knew.  Apple/Mac is a very popular platform for all types of computers, phones, tablets, watches, and technology.  It is hard to just abandon one platform of computing Rescheck Energy Reports so we were more than happy to fill the void.  Any changes in Rescheck Software we consider huge news.

Finally some other happenings with Rescheck energy reports were directly influenced by you, the customer.  We take every request and suggestion our customers make to improve our service and seriously evaluate it.  The following items were suggested by customers and have allowed www.rescheck.info to be the only Rescheck reporting service in the industry to offer these unique benefits.

  • Free Rescheck Consultations on any project
  • 24 hour Rescheck Report Turnaround time or it is free
  • No Pass, No Pay
  • Free Lifetime Modifications

If you take a look at what energy reporting used to be on the internet, it was almost laughable.  Most of the players charged $50+ to change an overpriced Rescheck they did incorrectly, slowly, and sloppily.  One of the biggest changes this year is that we have put you, the customer, first.  We consider that big news.