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New York is a leader when it comes to progressive Energy Codes and accepting Rescheck Energy Reports for compliance.  In a state as highly populated, geographically diverse, and as large as New York there is no doubt that a uniform code like IECC 2015 is needed.  We will also take a look at New York City and the New York City Specific Energy Code.

In October this year a full switch was made in most of New York to the IECC 2015 Energy Code.  This will save New York homeowners millions of dollars of the life of the code by allowing them to build much more efficient homes.  New York allows builders, architects, homeowners, engineers, and homeowners to show compliance with the IECC through use of the Department of Energy’s Rescheck software.  Typically a Rescheck Report, checklist, and compliance certificate will need to be turned in with all new home construction, additions, and alterations undertaken in the state of New York.

One exception to the IECC 2015 as an energy code for New York is New York City’s specific Energy Code.  After recently completing a dozen Reschecks for this code I can tell you that the New York City Energy Code for Reschecks is one of the toughest in the world.  Finding specifications to fit the components proved to be a real challenge and involved alot of teamwork with the architect and homeowner to make sure the house was properly insulated.  In the end we found a way to make sure the home was built to code and the home is being constructed today.

If you are building a home or altering an existing home in New York we would be glad to provide your Rescheck report for either the IECC 2015 or New York City Energy Code.  We can return your Rescheck report to you using either code in 4-6 hours, we offer free lifetime modifications, and we are available around the clock, 7 days a week.  To get started on your rescheck simply send your plans to [email protected]  We will go ahead and complete your rescheck then email you back a project recap and invoice, simple as that.