The days of Reschecks taking days or weeks are quickly going by the wayside.  With’s invention of the 4 hour Rescheck report and various quality guarantees many company’s offering low quality, slow turnaround, overpriced Rescheck Energy reports are being left in the stone age.  The offering was designed by our customers themselves.  The architects, engineers, builders, building inspectors, and homeowners alike yearned for something different.  Tired of being treated poorly when buying a Rescheck service they turned to the online leader in high quality, fast turn around Rescheck reporting,

The process was simple to build and was created using our own customer’s suggestions on the 100% free REScheck Help Line.  What seemed foreign to many Rescheck service providers was that the customer should be the number one priority.  While all of the competition charges $50 or more to fix mistakes they made on Rescheck reports, we at have offered free lifetime modifications on any Rescheck energy audit for the life of the project.  This made all of our customers very happy and our competition shaking in their boots.  Finally a service built exclusively for them and not one that blamed the customers and charged them extra.

Then we began offering our Rescheck at the lowest cost possible.  Our intention is not gouge the customer like so many services that charge $200+ for an inferior product.  We simply charge what the report is worth for us to create.  At $79 we are able to employ an individual who specializes in home energy audits for approximately $20 per hour for 4-6 hours and help people in need of Rescheck energy reports.  Other Rescheck services laugh their way to the bank with every Rescheck report they book by making $50-$75 per hour and creating an inferior product.  At we thought that was ridiculous.  So we changed the game.

The most risky move we made turned out to be the number one reason that a Rescheck consumer chooses our product.  We are so confident in the skills of our trained Rescheck Pros that we offer a no pass, no pay guarantee.  With this guarantee we can offer free suggestions for modifications to get your project back on track and your building permit in hand.  Each competing rescheck providers actually charges the customer for another report in the event of a Rescheck failure, and we thought that was unfair.  So we took the risk on ourselves and put our in depth energy code knowledge to work for you.

Finally, we wanted to offer our service to everyone so we began offering our reports in every state so that anyone, in any state, could have a Rescheck report at a fair price, quickly, and without delay.  Each day we talk to customers from every state and hear exactly what they need in regards to custom reports for their city, state, building code, or building official.  This is exactly what we do for them.

If you are looking for the best rescheck service on the market today you have come to right place.  Just email your plans to and we will go ahead and complete your Rescheck then email you a project recap along with an invoice.  We are in the business for you and strive to get you exactly what you need on every Rescheck report.