In this day and age people hate waiting for almost anything.  Whether it is pizza, a cup of coffee, or having a suit dry cleaned most consumers want it reasonably priced, and they want it now.  After completing Rescheck Energy Reports for over a decade we noticed that then norm was for Rescheck Energy Report Services to put the customer last in almost every aspect of their service.  That was when we decided that we would offer a 24 hour guarantee on our Reschecks no matter how large the plan, or how many you book.

How are we able to offer such a bold offer and still provide the highest quality Rescheck on the market?  We get this question alot.  The answer is volume.  We handle enough Rescheck Energy Audits every day that we are able to keep a staff of the Rescheck providers employed 24 hours a day.  You might be shocked to find that many “Rescheck Services” on the web that charge 3x to 4x as much for Reschecks across the web.  Then the same competitors actually use as a wholesaler to provide the Rescheck Energy Report for them then pass it along to you.  That is because we rank number one in reliability, quality, and quickness.  Couple that with the fact that we also have the lowest cost, and you can see why even our competitors choose to use to provide 100% of the their Rescheck energy reporting needs.

One way to handle a Rescheck faster than might be to do the report yourself.  If you understand your plan and the Rescheck software it is very reasonable that you could sit down for an afternoon and come out with a full Rescheck report for your project.  The failure in this logic lies in the fact that most people do not have a familiarity with the Rescheck software.  Gaining proficiency for beginners in our Rescheck classes usually takes anywhere from 10-12 hours.  Depending on what your time is worth, then even in this instance the $79 Rescheck makes much more sense then spending a full day trying to figure out something you will only use once.

Another way to receive a faster Rescheck might be to hire the Architect or Engineer that created your plans to provide it.  In this instance, I urge you to look at the Rescheck line item on your invoice before agreeing to this.  The reason is that this can sometimes cost you much more than the $79 we charge for the Rescheck Energy Report.  The one positive from having your Architect or Engineer provide the report is that you can ask that your Rescheck Report be created at the same time as your plans so when you receive a final draft your Rescheck is already.  If you do not choose to have your Architect or Engineer to create your Rescheck you can receive your final blueprints and then have a $79 Rescheck from us in your hands in about 4 hours.

If you need a Rescheck fast we would love to hear from you.  Either email us at or call 865-235-6277 24 hours a day.