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Based on the questions we received just this week on the Rescheck Helpline I thought I would put together a list of recent reasons people have used for the Rescheck Energy Reporting needs.

Reason number 1 to use is that you can spend more time on the jobsite.  We had a contractor call in who typically did his own Reschecks for his past 2 dozen projects.  However, at only $79 he did not have the time to leave the jobsite and complete his own Reschecks since his time is billed out at over $55 per hour to the homeowner.  Once he considered that it takes him 6-8 hours to perform a Rescheck, he realized the value he was providing to his end customer by allowing to manage the entire Rescheck process for him.  Then he could spend more time managing the on site subcontractors and making sure his house was built with the quality he had promised when he started the project.

Reason number 2 to use Rescheck info is that you can spend more time on the intricate details of design.  One of our key clients are architects and engineers.  They create amazing plans with immaculate details.  When changes in these plans arise they need to focus on the structural and architectural details.  Having a partner like to handle their Reschecks with FREE lifetime changes, 4-6 hour turnaround, and a new level of amazing customer service makes their decision easy.  Just this week I spoke with over a dozen architects and engineers on the Rescheck Help Line 865-235-6277 who are able to produce amazing Rescheck reports themselves.  They were willing to allow to handle this process for them, because it saves them time, money, and comes with the best quality Rescheck report available on the market today.

Reason number 3 to allow to handle your Rescheck Energy Report is that you did not realize you needed one until your building permit was rejected.  We talk to homeowners on a daily basis that were ready to start construction.  Many even had crews on site when they realized their building permit was rejected.  The reason to call us in this situation is that we will have your Rescheck report back in your building inspectors hand on the same day.  You can quickly move forward with your building permit.  The best part is that we only charge $79 for same day turn around.  With this minimal charge you get free lifetime modifications, a superior level of customer service, and the highest quality custom Rescheck report from the online leader in Rescheck reporting.

Reason number 4 to use to provide your Rescheck Energy Audit is that changes happen.  I built over a billion dollars worth of luxury custom homes during my career working for a nationwide homebuilder.  The one thing that remained the same on every construction project was that, everything changes.  Just when you think the plans are final there is an addition of a door, window, or bathroom.  My thoughts always revolved around giving the customer exactly what they needed, because the opportunity to build a custom home usually only comes along once in a lifetime.  I wanted them to have their new home exactly how they wanted it.  I transferred this revolutionary level of customer service over to the Rescheck Energy Reporting and the competition has been left in the dust.  I do this by providing FREE lifetime modifications to your Rescheck Energy Report.  If you change anything onsite and need your Rescheck modified all you have to do is call, email, or text me and your Rescheck modifications.  These changes will be handled quickly, happily, and for zero charge.  Then I will send you a new report on the same day to present to your building department.  All other REScheck services charge $50-$100 per hour for changes and treat their clients like criminals for making changes.  Then they take weeks to process the rescheck changes.  Just one more reason to use for your Rescheck reporting needs.

The bottom line is that there are many different reasons to choose for your Rescheck reporting needs.  As we provide Free Rescheck Help on the Rescheck Help Line 865-235-6277 we will continue to update you with more reasons that our customers have chosen to hand one of the most important portions of their project to us.  If you are ready to start your Rescheck now simply email your plans to [email protected] or upload them to any portal on and we will get your Rescheck started now.