There are several different ways to get started on your own Rescheck Report.  In this edition of the Reschexpert Blog I want to help the DIY Rescheck reporters create a process to do their own Rescheck calculations.

The initial items that you need to create your Rescheck are a full size set of plans.  If you do not have a full size plotter you can take your plans to Staples or Office Max on a USB drive, and they will print off a set of plans for you.  The one exception is that we sometimes create Rescheck reports off of Hand Drawn plans, because that is what many customers have available.  In this instance I have the client take a picture of their plans on their smart phone.  Then I enlarge and enhance it on my computer and print off a full size set of blueprints on my plotter.  Either option will work fine.

Next you are going to need an architects scale, a pencil, a clipboard, a pot of coffee, and two computers.  I use one computer for the Rescheck software and one computer to make my calculations.  My first step is to organize my plans on my desk and begin taking down the data.  Start with the easy stuff.  Where is the project located?  Who is building the house?  Who is the architect?  Who is the builder?  What building code are you using?  What is the square footage of the plan? Write all these answers on your clipboard.

After you have all the basics of the Rescheck report written down, you want to start on the components of your home.  I usually work from the top down.  Go ahead and locate the R-Value of the Ceiling on your plans and write that on your clipboard.  Then find the total area of the Ceiling Insulation.  Next work your way down to the walls and find the R-Value of the wall system you are building.  Follow that up your window units.  For this you will need the brand and model of windows so that you can locate your U-Value and SHGC.  Combine that with the total square footage of your window units and write it on your clipboard.  Your next item will be your doors.  This will not be interior doors, only the exterior ones.  Write down each door on your clipboard and indicate its’ square footage, U-value, SHGC, and whether or not it is solid or glass.  Your final item is your foundation.  Figure out which type of foundation is indicated on your plan and write that on your clipboard.  Then you need the measurement of either wall square footage, subfloor, or slab perimeter depending on your home is built and how it is insulated.  Write all this on your clipboard.

Now you have a full page of numbers and data.  It is time to perform calculations on your rescheck spreadsheet and then enter them into your software.  Start on the first page of the Rescheck web and enter the basic data first.  I think of the Rescheck report like doing your taxes.  If you misspell your name on the first page of your taxes then chances are you will hear back from the IRS at some point.  The same thing holds true for Rescheck reporting.  You may not think these details are very important, but somebody does at the building department.  You really need to pay close attention entering each piece of data into the Rescheck software or the mistakes you make will haunt you for a long time.

Once your Rescheck coverpage is complete, move on to the envelope portion of the project.  Again you want to work from the top down.  Enter your ceiling data, wall data, window data, door data, followed by your foundation data.  Then be sure to save your project.  Once saved clicked the “Check Compliance” button in the bottom left of the Rescheck Software.  You will get a pass or fail grade, and I hope it is a pass.  In the instance of a fail you might have to up your insulation values or the efficiency of components before proceeding.  Once you have a passing grade simply create the report PDF by clicking in the upper right hand of the software and send it along to your building department.

If at any time during your Rescheck creation process you hit a snag or just cannot move forward you can give us a call on the Rescheck helpline 865-235-6277.  We will help you with any Rescheck free of charge.  If you find that you are spending hours and hours on a Rescheck and your time is worth more that $79 then we can handle the entire report for you in about 4-6 hours.  In our Rescheck classes we teach most new students take 10-12 hours to create their first Rescheck, so if you want to do it yourself, don’t get discouraged!  Either way we want to hear from you and we will consult with you on any Rescheck (even a competitors) free of charge.  Thank you for reading and upload your plans to any portal on or email now and we will get your Rescheck started in a jiffy.