Ohio is an astoundingly dynamic state with respect to requiring Reschecks and Manual J’s when a new home, addition, or existing home is developed. A noteworthy issue that rises while completing Ohio Reschecks is which code should be used, and who do I contact for request an Ohio Rescheck Reports.

Ohio has a wide range of territories to cover when it starts pondering Energy codes. From Cleveland in the North to Cincinnati in the south and every city in the middle of the state.  There are a wide range of difficulties. With these difficulties comes the utilization of numerous codes over the states as indicated by neighborhood wards vitality code appropriations. The most well-known codes we see are 2009 IECC, 2012 IECC and 2015 IECC and this makes up 99.99% of the Ohio Rescheck reports and Manual J’s that are computed by Rescheck.info.

A run of the mill request we see on Ohio construction ventures requiring a Rescheck is which Ohio Energy Code would it be fitting for me to use while making my rescheck report? The appropriate response is not always easy. Everything comes down to where you are building, and what you’re building office has held onto as a standard.

At Rescheck.info what we will fulfill for you is to contact your building office to locate the answers to these questions before we start your Rescheck or Manual J. We do this on any Ohio Rescheck for just $79 or Manual J, and can have it back in your grip in around 4-6 hours.

We are familiar with all areas in Ohio.  When you have an Ohio Rescheck you require help with, all you need to do is email us your plans to service@rescheck.info.  We will plot off a full size set of plans and complete your calcs almost instantly.  Once we have your Rescheck and Manual J complete we will send you a recap of the project along with an invoice.  We hope to hear from you today.