Do you remember how the taxi business used to be.  You literally had to wait on the side of a street to hail one.  If one would not come by then you would just have to wait longer.  Then along came companies that offered rides to individuals with just a push of a button on their phones.  This made the business of getting a ride much easier, more cost efficient, and simpler to use.  We followed the same principles when we created the Rescheck and Room by Room Manual J Service.

After years of watching people take weeks and months to create a Rescheck report from competing services we, like the ride sharing companies, decided to revolutionize the Rescheck home energy audit industry.  Here is a simple list of what we envisioned when we began our amazing Rescheck service.

  1.   4-6 hour Rescheck Service
  2.   Free modifications to the project at anytime
  3.   A 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Rescheck help hotline ( 865-235-6277 or )
  4.   An industry low price of only $79 for either a Rescheck or Room by Room Manual J.  Order both at save big at only $129. 
  5.   Warm friendly industry leading customer service

If you have a new construction project and you are a homeowner, architect, engineer, contractor, GC, building inspector, or building department we are here to help you.  Your project is priority number one for us.  Once we receive your plan we will instantly print off a full size set of your prints and start your calcs.  Waiting weeks for Rescheck energy report and paying 3 times as much is like waiting on a cab on the side of a busy highway.  It may never come.

Push the buttons on your phone to order the Rescheck of the future from  We will make your project priority #1 and return your completed Rescheck Report, Rescheck Checklist, and Rescheck compliance certificate to you on the very same day.  We built this business for you and want you to try it.  How does it work?

Simply email your blueprints to  We will acknowledge receipt of them and start your calcs.  Simple as that.

Once your Rescheck is complete we will email you a recap of your project along with an invoice.  Typical lead time is 4-6 hours and the service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Order now.