Many times we hear from clients on the Rescheck Help Line ( 865-235-6277 ) that they have multiple units that need to be Reschecked. While plenty of homeowners, architects, engineers, building departments, and building inspectors just need one Rescheck created at a time today on the Reschexpert Blog we wanted to discuss the issue of multiple Reschecks.

One of the main issues that people have when needing multiple Reschecks at once is that they need a high quality Rescheck for each unit and they need it fast. At we effectively solved this problem by keeping an in house staff of Rescheck specialists on duty 24 hours a day. That means if you send us an order for 10 Rescheck reports at 3 a.m. You will have them completed and back in your inbox by lunchtime the very same day. All other Rescheck companies take weeks to complete even one Rescheck Energy Report and charge 3 times as much for a lower quality service.

The second issue that we see with people needing multiple Rescheck reports at one time is that they need a low cost. While other Rescheck reporting services penalize you with inflated prices for building multi-level, homes on a basement, or per the square foot, we only charge a rock bottom Rescheck price of $79. This means that each unit’s Rescheck report is returned back to you for under eighty dollars, quickly, and effciently.

The final issue is that every construction project is fluid. Sometimes a homeowner walks the subfloor of their master bedroom and just has to have a larger window to take advantage of their view. At we solved this problem by offering you free lifetime modifications to your Rescheck reports for the life of your construction. So if you order 10 Reschecks and need 10 changes made to the report the charge is $0. Compare that to other services that charge 3x as much for their initial Rescheck Energy Report and then charge $50 for every change that is needed. That is an Extra $500 on top of the $1500+ you already spent on your multiple Rescheck reports.

To recap what we already know about creating multiple Rescheck reports. It does not have to be painful. With we can return them to you the same day, for a single low cost per unit, and we offer world class customer service and free lifetime modifications to your report. If you are ready to put the Rescheck specialists at you can get the process started by emailing your blueprints to We will print off a full size set of your blueprints and immediatley start creating your Rescheck reports, Rescheck checklists, and Rescheck Compliance Certificates. Once we have your bulk order of Reschecks created, signed, and complete we will email you a recap of your projects along with an invoice. Simple as that. We hope to hear from you soon.